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Welcome to the Underused AASQGASA Thread

Before you start asking your question, here are the rules...
  1. Do not talk about content relating to OTHER than this post.
  2. Only talk about UU content. Anything else not allowed.
  3. Please read the Smogon Forum rules before posting.
  4. Dating, sex, and other inappropriate things are not allowed here.
  5. Doubles are also not allowed here.
  6. If you are talking about showdown, remember to keep it family-friendly.
  7. If you are confused why something happened, post a battle link AND explanation.
  8. Showdowns Underused Chat is a great way to explain and keep it family friendly.
  9. Breaking any rules will result in post deletion.
Oh, and did I forget? If you're thinking of making a topic that can be answered with one post, please post it in this thread instead. Any new threads should be for discussion/events and NEED to be approved! Here are the rules for your post:
  • Your answers should contain at least a brief explanation, even if it was the simplest of questions.
  • While answering Yes/No question, please quote the question you're referring to. It gets confusing otherwise.
  • At least do a simple google search before asking the question here.
This will count for a blog post that is RELATED to the theme.
This will ALSO count if you have a brief explanation.

Have fun, everyone!


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Not open for further replies.

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